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Re-Learn Why You are Made to Move & Play with Others

Changing the Trajectory of the Human Plight

70% of all human death is due to lifestyle-related diseases. How we are living is literally killing us. The two largest factors is an overtly sedentary & isolated lifestyle spent staring at a screen. A Primally Playful Foundation was created to change humanity's trajectory by teaching & having people experience the power and importance of playful movement & interactions with others. 


Inspire the progress of humanity through the power of play

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How we Accomplish our Mission

We put on community-building & educational events in the US & abroad. Our community-building events get people off their screens & out of their homes, where they can socialize/play and move their bodies with others. Our educational events revolve around teaching life skills through games, & educating youth & adults on the dangers of overt screen usage & a sedentary, isolated lifestyle.

Re-learn why you're made to play and move with others

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