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2 Month Transformational Group Program

March 2nd-April 27th

Do you want to change?


Are there subconscious blocks that keep you from being as happy & healthy as you know you can be?


Do you think you can change on your own?


If you can change on your own, you would be the exception. A key to behavior change is bringing other people into your transformational process to support you. Lasting change is hard to do on your own.




This is a group program of 2 months, 12 people


The program is designed for big behavior change. You will transform during these two months. What type of transformation each person will be going for, will be unique to that person, but this program focuses on Health & Happiness, & blocks that prevent us from being a 10 on either of those scales.


Maybe you lack meaning or purpose in life, maybe you don't feel you are being your genuine self, maybe you are down on yourself most of the time, & your not sure why. Whatever blocks you from vibrant health & happiness, we will shed light on these blocks, change their stories, & make them your biggest strengths.




We will meet as a group, for 3 full-day Saturday workshops, in the beginning, middle & end of the program.


March 2nd               March 30th                   April 27th



Each week, you will be given different activities to do, most of them self-discovery activities. You will also have a call each week with another member of the group, to go over the insights you gleaned, & to support each other. Everyone will learn co-counseling in this program. 



We guarantee a massive paradigm shift. You will not look at your life, or others, the same after this program.



To schedule a 30min to 1 hr free discovery call with Jared. click here.

You can learn more about yourself, & the program.


530-867-0036      Jared





About your Transformational Guide


Jared was first trained in behavior change & adult learning principals in The Kyrgyz Republic while serving in the Peace Corps in 2009.


In 2014 he became a MovNat Certified Trainer & started his own health & wellness business in 2013. He became a certified 'New Skills' life coach in 2018.


Play is integral in how humans bond & learn. Jared not only guarantees this will be one of the most life-changing experiences of your life, but also one of the most fun times you'll have!













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