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About the Head Fun-Raiser

Help make the world a more playful and healthy place.




My name is Jared Hippler, I am a certified MovNat (MoveNaturally) trainer, motivational speaker, Pentathlete, Martial Artist, and 2 time Peace Corps Volunteer.


When I returned to the US from the Peace Corps in Kyrgyzstan & volunteering on organic farms in 2011, I noticed how any public transport I took, almost 80% of the people were staring at their screens. Most people didn't even acknowledging the presence of the person sitting next to them, I want to change this, and that is why I created Primal Play.



Primal Play's main purpose is to reconnect people with each other and nature.




We are in the field of Fun-Raising. If you have a group of people & you want them to laugh with each other for extended periods of time, we can help you. We can help you accomplish this goal through three different services:




Play-based movement & or  team building



Designed to get humans primally engaging



With organizations or families on how to make their places of work or home more playful.



Other services I also offer (


  • Public Speaking Engagements 

  • Master of Ceremonies

  • Personal or small group training

    • In health, happiness, weight-loss, exercise & mobility, mixed martial arts or self-defense.




I teach from a holistic point of view, always creating a fun learning environment where you will learn all the tools and techniques you need to be successful and happy.


I speak on a number of different health and wellness topics from the importance of human play over screen-play to how to be joyful.


Primal Play is a young company and we are looking for people who are passionate about our mission and would like to help!

Please reach out to us if you are interested!

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Contact for consultation, playshops, speaking inquiries or more info. 

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