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At least 10% of Profits will always go to a humanitarian cause. Our current Charity is Oxfam America which is helping to bring much-needed food & support to the Humanitarian Crisis currently happening in Nigeria around the Lake Chad Basin.

Military conflict with Boko Haram is displacing people from their homes and farms, leaving more than nine million people in need of assistance.

Farmers in certain areas have been unable to grow any crops, and few of the millions displaced by violence can afford to buy scarce food in markets. The government of Nigeria is estimating that more than four million people are experiencing acute food shortages, with 70,000 of them experiencing famine.

10$ Can feed one child for an entire month.

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To Primal Play/Oxfam

What really helps these charities is recurring monthly donations, even if it's $10.

Click here for Oxfam's donation page.

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