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Primally Playful Projects

A Primally Playful Games Menu 

Work in progress, get involved!

Conversation is only one way to communicate. It is, by far, the most over-used way of communicating in today's modern world, which is unfortunate because other forms of communicating are far more fun & dynamic. Play & laughter are universal languages, & that is what we teach through play.

This is a menu of primally playful games, by primally playful we mean games that encourage human interaction, unmediated by any other form of technology. This menu is mainly designed for games that could be played sitting around a table; maybe the family eating dinner together, out at a restaurant with a big group of friends, etc.

The games are designed to get people laughing & interacting.



Our goal is to have the Games Menu, once first edition is made, translated into as many languages as possible. We would also like to have a non-verbal book, taking language out of the equation completely.



Every donor will receive a PDF of the work-in-progress menu, we welcome any & all feedback as we are developing it!

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