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Other Services

Personal & or Group Training

From Natural Movement, Weight Loss & Holistic Health, to Self-Defense/Introduction to Mixed Martial Arts. We can meet one on one or with a group for 1 hr 15 min sessions, or you can take a Playshop, which is similar to a Workshop, except far more fun. The Playshops are 3 hours. Click here for rates.

Natural Movement (MovNat)


Back pain? Body aches and cramps? Lack of energy? Overweight? Feel out of touch with your primal self? Human’s have been hunter gathers for 99.999% of our time on this planet. Climbing, leaping, carrying, throwing, crawling, stalking, etc; we are made to move. But in today’s World, most of us have been de-conditioned, sitting for the majority of the day, with limited movement. Natural Movement

re-teaches what we are capable of and how to move with ease and efficiency. Natural Movement is for any and all levels.

Vibrant Health & Happiness


Want to lose weight? Too much stress in your life? Want more energy throughout the day? Want to have more joy in your life? Want to eat cleaner and feel better? You can achieve all these goals and more by learning to look at health from a holistic perspective. This workshop is more classroom based.

"I had no idea how the body actually loses body fat before working with Jared. I've lost the 20 lbs I was looking to lose, and more importantly, I've kept it off! I've never been happier."


Cara Wademan 38

"Jared tailors his workouts and training sessions to your personal abilities and fitness needs. He is unfailingly supportive and kind while encouraging you to push your comfort limit. Great fun while sweating.”

Dee Johnson 52

"I consider the MovNat curriculum to be an excellent skill-set for any adult that's concerned about maintaining their health and their quality of life...I was (am) a middle-aged man who was not particularly athletic or coordinated. Jared provided me with lessons that were challenging, safe, and cleverly adapted to the teaching environment...his teaching style reflects a generous heart and lots of humor."

Pete Lohstroh  41

Self Defense & Introduction to Mixed Martial Arts
  • If you were attacked by a group of people at night, how do you think you’d fair?

  • Worried about sending your kid off to college without being able to protect themselves?

  • Or traveling to an unsafe place?

  • Interested in learning basic mixed martial arts?


This is a non-intensive Playshop that teaches the basics of self defense and mixed martial arts in a game based, fun environment.

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