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The Zoo Human Predicament

Mismatch hypothesis states "that all animals, including humans, are best suited to a certain range of environmental conditions. When there is a match between an animal's genetic heritage and it's environment, that animal is likely to remain healthy. But if the organism is forced to live outside of its normal range, in an "alien" environment, it will suffer stress and ill-health

In humans case, the mismatch is profound. Our bodies and minds evolved in the wild, this is our ancestral environment.

But today, we live in a radically different World that is often hostile to our health and happiness.

Vehicles and dwellings force us into sedentary occupations 

and prolonged sitting. Ancient cycles of light and darkness are now disrupted by artificial light and jet travel. Our food supply now consists in large measure of "edible food-like substances." Over 70% of all human deaths are due to lifestyle-related diseases. This # is expected to rise by 24% within this decade. Something is wrong with our modern lifestyle"     -Frank Forencich, 'Beautiful Practice'

In the United States, on average, over 70% of the people on any form of public transportation are technologically tuned in, and tuned out to everyone else. Being technologically tuned in and primally tuned out has become the norm for much of the people on this planet, this is not healthy. It leads to an un-empathetic society, where people no longer care for others.

We have become Zoo Animals. Human beings have been hunter gatherers for 99.999% of our time on this planet. We can climb, run, swim, leap, roll, crawl, we are made to move! And we are also made to socialize. If you were to think of the 3 times you have laughed the hardest in your life, what were you doing? Were you staring at a screen, or were you engaging with people? Our greatest joys come from primally engaging with others, and the fastest way to connect with others is to play with them! So start playing as if your life depended on it!

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