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Primally Playful Movement Workshops

Re-learn why you're made to move and play with others

Primal Movement/Move Naturally (MovNat) Workshop     Level 1
One 3-hour session (with break) or two 2-hour sessions

  • Are you bored of the gym?

  • Do you no longer get joy out of exercise & or movement?

  • Do you wish you could move like you were 15 years old again?

  • Do you not have a physical play outlet?

  • Do you wish you had more energy?

  • Interested in learning the basics of MovNat?

  • Learn from one of the only MovNat Trainers in Northern California

  • Re-connect with your body & your natural ways of moving. 

  • Learn movements & techniques for loosening up the body & getting rid of back pain

  • Learn games that you can play with others that are fun, & allow you to work on your balance, stability, strength, & coordination.

  • Have a blast moving & laughing with others


Part I: Quadrupedal Movement & Object Manipulation

  • Fundamentals of different getups, crawling, rolling, landing

  • Principles of carrying Objects

  • Principles of throwing objects

  • Self-massage using the ground & tennis balls

  • Games to challenge & test quadrupedal movements

  • Intro to combatives & more


Part II:  Bipedal Movement, Balance, & Climbing

  • Balance games including 'Stand Off' & 'Gorilla Game' & balancing games for one

  • Running & bipedal movement for efficiency

  • Swinging & climbing for back vitality

  • Games & drills to practice on your own or with others & more


Stand Off!


Crab Competition

Sock Wars

Non-competetive Play

Workshop Pricing & Discounts


Sign up with a friend

Sign up with 3 or more people





You can either schedule the 3 hour playshop for one time or we can schedule 2 different meetings, for 2 hours each. If you wish to save $30 & sign up with other ppl, the group will have to decide when they want to do the sessions together.

Personal or Partnered Sessions

If you enjoyed the workshop & would like to be coached by me while I am in your area, reach out to me.

I recommend taking the workshop first, that way, you can see if you like my style of coaching. Another reason why taking the workshop first is a good idea is that you might meet someone there whom you can train with, which always makes training more fun, & it will reduce your cost because signing up with others saves you money. I also teach martial arts if you are interested.

Individual Coaching      1 to 1 1/2 hr  sessions

w/ a partner




Packaged Deals

Buy 3 <  sessions         Personals

Buy 3 <  sessions




About your Instructor


My name is Jared Hippler & from a young age I've always loved movement & sport. I've played basketball, baseball, soccer, swimming, track, mixed martial arts. I got 2nd place in the Nation for Pentathlon in 2016.


I became a personal trainer & MovNat trainer (Move Naturally) in 2014 & began teaching others proper movement efficiency, and began helping people find joy in movement. I began teaching beginner-level Mixed Martial Arts & Self-Defense in the same year.

My courses are designed to be fun! These are non-intensive courses. The point is not for participants to get a workout, though everyone will. The purpose our movement courses is to teach you the basics and give you games you can play that help train your reactions & allow you to master those basics in a fun way.

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