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Event or Office Fun-Raising

Sustainable Agriculture Seminar in Quiche, Guatemala

Company parties and seminars can be boring. Besides good food and music, most attendees can be bored, having the same conversations over and over again. They verbally communicate with their coworkers every day in the office. Why not have them engage in ways that effortlessly stimulate laughter?

The hardest we ever laugh is when we are in a state of play. We create that playful atmosphere for you by putting on games for your staff or guests. From games they can play at any time, to organized games throughout the night. We tailor each event to fit your needs.

We guarantee this will be the hardest your employees have ever laughed with each other at an event or your money back.

We can also come to your place of work and put on a Team Bonding Games Event.

100% of profits go to A Primally Playful Foundation. Which brings play-based therapy to the impoverished.

Contact Jared 

Head Fun-Raiser  |  Tel: 530-867-0036

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