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"I want my employees/family members, or guests to have as much fun as possible." 

"I want exercise to be fun! I want to recondition my body to move the way it was made to move."
Natural Movement Mobility Workshop/Personal Training

"I want to learn how to defend myself & the basics of mixed martial arts in a fun environment."


Self-Defense / Intro to Mixed Martial Arts Workshop/Personal Training


"I saw mixed martial arts (The UFC) on TV & wanted to try it out. My mom & I had a BLAST with Jared! Super Fun & very useful skills to have!"

Cara Wademan 38

"My team was tugging along before working with Primal Play. Now, not only is our work better, we love hanging out with one another! That was never the case in the past. Can't thank Jared and his team enough! "

Pete Lohstroh  41

Our greatest joy comes from primally playing with others.

"A MUST! An employee had brought Primal Play to my attention and I was not convinced but I agreed to try them. My employees and I have never laughed harder. And we still play many of the games around the office!”

Dee Johnson 52

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