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Weight Loss Explained

Obesity & overweight individuals are on the rise in the United States, & some other developed countries as well. Today's post is designed to shed some light onto why the body stores fat in the first place, & how & why the body can access that fat to use as energy.

After reading this blog, you will have knowledge that is very useful in helping you achieve your goals of weight-loss!


When we eat food, our body takes the nutrients and stores them away for later use if it doesn’t immediately need them. Gluconeogenesis is the body's way of accessing our stored energy depots and using them for energy. As mentioned in an earlier blog discussing grains, when our bodies get carbohydrates and or sugars (the carbs are turned into sugar or ‘glucose’), the body will produce insulin (because too much glucose in the bloodstream is toxic) which takes the glucose, and stores it as glycogen in your liver, muscle cells (if they need them), and than fat cells. So, no longer think of your fat as fat, your fat is stored energy.

Just as insulin takes glucose and turns it into glycogen, for later use, there is another hormone whose job is the opposite of insulin. This other hormone’s job is to take our stored energy (glycogen) and use it for energy, this is commonly called ‘fat burning’. GLUCAGON is the name of this fat burning machine! GLUCAGON goes to the energy storage depots (It'll get fat first!) takes the glycogen, and converts it to sucrose for energy!

There is a book called the 8 HOUR DIET (link below) in which the authors make a case that it's not as much what you eat as when you eat (now of course BOTH are important!). The "Diet" is simply to not eat breakfast and eat whatever it is you are going to eat, within 8 hours, and to not eat outside of those hours (fast for 16). Most times are 12pm to 8pm, maybe 11am-7pm, etc. That 16 hours (or other intermittent fasting times, at least 4 hrs [results vary with length of time naturally]) is when GLUCAGON (link below), that sexy, muscularly defined hormone is doin it's thing! Grabbing your stored energy from your fat cells, and USIN IT AS ENERGY!

Here is the most important part to understand if you are trying to lose weight: As long as insulin is in your system, glucagon cannot be.

Wake up in the morning, make a fruit smoothie, (fruits are extremely high in carbs, which the body converts to sugar [glucose]), huge insulin spike for next couple hours. Have a sandwich for lunch, the bread causes another insulin spike, pasta for dinner, insulin. You have had insulin in your system allll day, you never gave glucagon a chance to come out and grab your stored fat for energy. This is why not eating breakfast is so important. No coffee or tea, only water.

What is not in your system when you wake up?? Insulin. Which means morning is the perfect time for your body to produce glucagon to grab your stored fat to burn. The more movement you have in the morning, the more fat you will burn. If you sit all morning, you won’t get results very fast. But going for a walk, bike ride, other movement or exercise, and your body will say “We need energy, let’s get it from our storage centers, we will first go to the fat and use that.” You will get 10x the results. Drink allll the water you want! Water is great for you, and when you feel hunger, if you drink water, you will find your cravings satiated. 75% of Americans are in a constant state of dehydration. Water will help the process of gluconeogenesis.

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